Index: Acts of the Apostles in Art

1. The Ascension

2. Pentecost: the descent of the Holy Spirit

2. Peter preaching at Pentecost

3. Peter and John healing the lame man

5. Ananias and Sapphira

5. Peter healing the sick with his shadow

6-7. Stephen before the Sanhedrin

7. Stoning of Stephen

8. Burial of Stephen

8. Simon Magus

8. The Ethiopian Eunuch

9. Conversion of Saul

9. Ananias restores Saul’s sight

9. Paul escapes in a basket

9. Peter healing Aeneas and raising Tabitha

10. The Centurion Cornelius

10. Peter’s Vision of a Sheet with Animals

11. Agabus

12. An Angel Frees Peter from Prison

13. The Magician and the Proconsul

14. Lystra

17. Paul Preaching in Athens

16-20. Philippi, Corinth, Macedonia, Greece, Troas

19. Paul in Ephesus

24-26. Paul before Felix Agrippa

28. Paul in Malta and Rome

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