John Jewel

John Jewel, by unknown artist. Oil on canvas, 1560s. National Portrait Gallery, London.
John Jewel, by Magdalena and Willem de Passe. Line engraving, 1620. National Portrait Gallery, London.
John Jewel, by George Vertue. Line engraving, 1715. National Portrait Gallery, London.

Primary Sources

  1. The Apology of the Church of England, [1562] ed. Henry Morley. Cassell, 1888. Project Canterbury. Project Gutenberg.
    1. “On The English Reformation,” extracted by Frederick Meyrick from the Apology.
    2. “The Faith of English Churchmen,” from part 2 of the Apology.
    3. “On the Sacraments,” from part 2, chapter 10 of the Apology.
  2. The Defence of the Apology of the Church of England, parts V and VI, [1566/67] from The Works of John Jewel, D.D., Bishop of Salisbury, ed. Richard William Jelf. Oxford University Press, 1848.
  3. Second Book of Homilies, 1562/3-1571.
    1. On Common Prayer and Sacraments || Google
    2. On the Worthy Receiving of the Sacrament || Google

Secondary Sources

Listed by date

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