Streaming Shakespeare: Histories

The Henriad (Richard II ; Henry IV, parts 1 and 2 ; and Henry V):

Michael Hayes’s 1960 An Age of Kings (BBC) with Sean Connery (Hotspur) and Judi Dench (Katherine) is on DVD. Orson Welles’s 1967 Chimes at Midnight, with Welles (Falstaff), Keith Baxter (Prince Hal) and John Gielgud (Henry IV) is on Amazon ($) etc. David Giles’s BBC version: Richard II (1978) with Derek Jacobi (Richard II) and John Gielgud (John of Gaunt) on Britbox. Henry IV, part 1 (1979) with David Gwillim (Prince Hal) on Britbox. Henry IV, part 2 (1979) on Britbox. Henry V (1979) on Britbox. The Hollow Crown, season 1 (BBC, 2013) with Jeremy Irons (Henry IV), Patrick Stewart (John of Gaunt) and David Suchet (Duke of York) is on Amazon ($). Gregory Doran’s 2013-2014 RSC version is on Marquee ($): Richard II ; Henry IV, part 1 ; Henry IV, part 2Henry V.

Deborah Warner’s 1997 National Theatre Richard II with Fiona Shaw is on Amazon ($). John Caird’s 1991 BBC Henry IV is on Amazon ($). Phyllida Lloyd’s 2014 Donmar Henry IV with Harriet Walter is on Marquee and BroadwayHD ($).

Laurence Olivier’s 1944 Henry V is on Amazon ($) etc. Kenneth Branagh’s 1989 Henry V with Branagh is on Amazon and Pluto etc. Peter Babakitis’s 2010 Henry V is on Tubi.

The second historical tetralogy (Henry VI parts 1,2,3, and Richard III):

Michael Hayes’s 1960 An Age of Kings (BBC) is on DVD. John Barton and Peter Hall’s 1965 BBC/RSC The Wars of the Roses is on YouTube. Jane Howell’s 1983 BBC version: Henry VI Part 1 on Britbox ; Henry VI Part 2 on Britbox ; Henry VI Part 3 on Britbox ; Richard III on Britbox ($). The Hollow Crown, season 2: The Wars of the Roses (2016), with Anton Lesser (Exeter) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Richard III) is on Amazon ($).

Laurence Olivier’s 1956 Richard III with Olivier is on Amazon ($) etc. Richard Loncraine’s 1995 Richard III with Ian McKellen and Annette Bening (Elizabeth) is on Vudu ($) etc.


King John: David Giles’s 1984 BBC version with Leonard Rossiter (King John) is on Britbox ($). Barry Avrich’s 2015 Stratford/CBC version with Tom McCamus (King John) is on BroadwayHD ($) and Amazon ($). Eleanor Rhode’s 2020 RSC version with Rosie Sheehy (King John) is on Marquee ($).

Henry VIII: Kevin Billington’s 1979 BBC version with John Stride (Henry VIII) is on Britbox ($).

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