Theology & arts: March 2023

Stephen Witmer, “The Temple: A Reader’s Guide to a Christian Classic.” Desiring God, Mar. 21, 2023.

Joseph Pronechen, “This Glorious Stained Glass from Ireland Graces Only One American Church.” [Harry Clarke at St. Vincent de Paul in Bayonne, New Jersey]. National Catholic Register, Mar. 17, 2023.

Jonathan Geltner, “The Spirit of Fantasy and the Sense of Place.” Review of Marly Youmans, Seren of the Wildwood. Slant Books, Mar. 6, 2023.

Daniel Kraft, “Erika Doss’s Spiritual Moderns: Twentieth-Century American Artists and Religion demonstrates how reductive the canonical dismissal of spirituality really is.” The Brooklyn Rail, March 2023.

Nigel Biggar, “The case for keeping the Elgin Marbles: The call for the restitution of museum artefacts on the grounds of ‘colonial guilt’ is based on a misreading of history.” The Telegraph, Jan. 28, 2023. [archive link]
Reply by Matthew J. Milliner, “Grace and the Parthenon Marbles.” The Public Discourse, Mar. 22, 2023.

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