Streaming Shakespeare: Romances

The Tempest on film: Derek Jarman’s 1979 version is on Tubi. Julie Taymor’s 2010 version with Helen Mirren (Prospero) is on Amazon ($) etc.

The Tempest on stage: John Gorrie’s 1980 BBC version is on Amazon and on Britbox ($). Des McAnuff’s 2010 Stratford version with Christopher Plummer (Prospero) is on BroadwayHD ($). Gregory Doran’s 2016 RSC version is on Marquee ($). Barry Avrich and Michael Cimolino’s 2019 Stratford version is on BroadwayHD ($). Phyllida Lloyd’s 2019 Donmar version with Harriet Walter (Prospero) is on Marquee and BroadwayHD ($). 

Cymbeline: Michael Almereyda’s 2015 movie with Dakota Johnson (Imogen), Ethan Hawke (Iachimo), and Ed Harris (Cymbeline) is on Tubi. Elijah Moshinsky’s 1982 BBC version with Helen Mirren (Imogen) is on Britbox ($). Melly Still’s 2016 RSC version with Bethan Cullinane (Innogen) and Gillian Bevan (Cymbeline) is on Marquee TV ($).

The Winter’s Tale: Jane Howell’s 1981 BBC version is on Britbox ($). Gregory Doran’s 1999 RSC version is on YouTube and Amazon ($).

Pericles, Prince of Tyre: David Jones’s 1984 BBC version with Mike Gwilym (Pericles) is on Britbox ($). Scott Wentworth’s 2015 Stratford/CBC version with Evan Buliung (Pericles) is on Amazon ($).

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