Isaiah: before 1500

See also: Isaiah after 1500.

Isaiah receiving prophecy, with Hellenistic figure of Nyx (“night”) at left. Folio 435v from Paris Psalter. Byzantine, 10th century, “Macedonian Renaissance.”

Quatrefoils from south portal of Amiens cathedral, 1220-1240.

South portal of Reims cathedral, c. 1260. Left to right: Simon, John the baptist, Isaiah.
Duccio, Isaiah, from the Maesta altarpiece of Siena. Tempera on panel, 1308-1311. National Gallery of Art, Washington.
Claus Sluter. Isaiah, from the Well of Moses. Asnières stone, 1395-1403. Carthusian monastery of Chartreuse de Champmol, Dijon, Burgundy.
Lorenzo Monaco, the prophet Isaiah. Tempera on panel, 1405-1410.
Gherardo di Jacopo Starnina (Florentine). Isaiah with Two Angels. Tempera on panel, about 1410. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Barthélémy d’Eyck, Isaiah. Oil on panel, 1442-1445. Museum van Boijmans, Rotterdam.
Giovanni Di Piamonte, The Prophet Isaiah. Fresco, 1456-1466. San Francesco, Arezzo.
Master of the St. Bartholomew Altarpiece (Netherlandish). The Meeting of the Three Kings with David and Isaiah. Oil and gold leaf on panel, before 1480. J. Paul Getty Museum
Perugino, Isaiah from the San Pietro Polyptych. Oil on panel, 1496-1500.
Joan Gascó, Isaiah. From Saint Stephen altarpiece, parish church of Sant Esteve, Granollers (Vallès Oriental). Tempera and gilding with gold leaf on wood, around 1500. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona.
Master of the Orléans Triptych, Annunciation with the Prophets David and Isaiah. Painted enamel on copper, c. 1500. Walters Museum, Baltimore.

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